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Director: Sarah Phillips


The year is 2289, and all that's left on Planet Earth is the domed city Old Centauri, roaming sun flares that scorch the land, and the nomadic tribes that mitigate the two. Kiirke comes from one such tribe, and she must travel to Old Centauri, along with her stowaway younger brother, to seek a small fortune to save her family - But the only way to make money as a newcomer to the city is to enroll in Supplements Labs as what the locals call a "lab rat".


Founder's Circle at Louisiana Film Prize 2019

Special Jury Prize "Visionary Award" at SeriesFest 2020

Festival Screenings:

LA Shorts International Film Festival 2020

Adirondack Film Festival 2020

Mystic Film Festival 2020

SeriesFest 2020

Louisiana Film Prize 2019

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